As a respected Attorney and/or CPA, you understand the importance of reliable and accurate information to support your cases.

Red Tree Appraisals can be an invaluable resource that can enhance your practice and strengthen your client representation. Red Tree Appraisals works closely with top area Attorney's and Certified Public Accountants working with Divorce's, Estate Planning, Bankruptcies and all other valuation and appraisal needs. We have extensive experience in valuing properties accurately and efficiently being well-versed in the nuances of the unique residential local markets.

Red Tree Appraisals looks forward to providing you;

1.) Credible Expertise: We are recognized authorities in our field, with a deep understanding of property valuation methodologies, local market dynamics, and legal standard.

2.) Detailed and Defensible Appraisal Reports: Our appraisals are comprehensive and well-documented reports that thoroughly analyze the subject property, including it's condition, location, and comparable sales date. These reports are meticulously  prepared to withstand legal scrutiny, ensuring a solid foundation for your cases.

3.) Case-Specific Support: We recognize that each legal matter is unique, so we can tailor our reports to meet your specific requirements. When you need an appraisal for divorce proceedings, estate planning , property disputes, or any other case, we can provide the necessary expertise and insights.

4.) Time and Cost Savings: By leveraging our services, you can save valuable time and resources. Red Tree Appraisals possess the necessary tools, databases, and market knowledge to streamline the appraisals process, allowing you to focus on your legal strategy and your clients without the burden of conducting time-consuming property valuations.

5.) Enhanced Client Representation: Access to accurate and credible appraisal reports can significantly strengthen your legal arguments and negotiations. We can provided expert testimony if and when needed, offering an authoritative perspective that can sway judges, juries, and opposing counsel in your favor.